Vapolution - Buddy Bowl

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OVERVIEW The Vapolution Vaporizer Buddy Bowl comes fully equipped with carb. The bend in the glass sets the depth for you and eliminates the need for the retaining washers that come with the straight bowls. The Vapolution Vaporizer 8mm Medium Glass Bowl is one of the most efficient bowls we sell. It is made from Pyrex ® Glass to last a long time. Made of 1.5mm thick glass and has a 8mm diameter the medium straight bowl is an excellent accessory for your vapolution vaporizer. The Vapolution Vaporizer Large Glass Bowl is enormous. It holds 1.5x the medium bowl. It is made from Pyrex ® Glass to last a long time The All-In-Wonder Bowl is an 100% Borosilicate glass replacement to the Bowl/Whip combination. It does not give you the reach like 3.5 feet of tubing does, but the flavor is much better

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