Trailer Park Boys Ricky Water Pipe

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Trailer Park Boys Ricky Water pipeRicky, oh Ricky, how do we love thee? "Looks like a tropical earthquake blew through here" is just one of our favorite quotes, but something you'll also be saying after hitting the Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys water pipe collection. A flared base keeps the Ricky stable(ha) and the shapely top tube has an ice pinch so you can chill that smoke out! From the ground glass connections to the super thick glass, this most-Ricky-est of peices will have you saying 'Todaso' after just one rip. How it WorksFill the Ricky water pipe with enough water to allow for a smooth draw. Insert ice cubes or chips into the top tube. Fill the bowl with enough ground material for one session, then apply heat to the bowl as you draw. Remove the bowl as you near the end of your draw, this clears the tube of smoke. Add ice as desired.MaintenanceThe Ricky and its components can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, rinse fully with water after cleaning.What's in the BoxTrailer Park Boys "Ricky" Water Pipe18mm Ground Glass Female Slide14mm Ground Glass Bowl Borosilicate GlassCustom Trailer Park Boys DesignGround Glass ConnectionsBlack AccentsDesigned for Flower Use See MoreSee Less

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