Standing Colored Glass Sherlock Pipe

Color: Orange
Sale price$20.00


This Sherlock pipe is comprised of a colored glass chamber leading from the bowl, all the way to its contoured neck and mouthpiece. As with all GlassToyz, you’ll find a deep bowl for packing large amounts of dry herbs. The bent neck and mouthpiece are made from clear glass which further amplifies the already high-caliber airflow. To make for easier and smoother pulls, the mouthpiece has been rounded off to maximize airflow consistency and fluidity. The premiere attribute of this pipe is its “kickstand”. Three flat-bottom glass pads allow the pipe to stand all on its own. These American-made Sherlock pipes are manufactured from thick borosilicate glass for lasting durability and optimal performance. The speckled option comes with randomly chosen blends of colors which makes it as much of a work of art as it is a pipe. Well, nice work, Sherlock - you’ve solved the mystery of the world’s perfect pipe!

  • Thick Glass Sherlock Design Pipe
  • Clear Glass/Colored Glass
  • Multiple Color Options (10)
  • Bent Neck
  • Deep Bowl
  • Glass Nubs to Stand Upright
  • Rounded Mouthpiece

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