Source 10Cig Quartz Atomizer

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REPLACEMENT ATOMIZERS FOR THE SOURCE 10CIG VAPORIZER This is a 5-pack of 10cig Quartz Atomizers for the Source 10cig vaporizer. Designed by Source Vapes, these 10cig atomizers are made with high grade titanium and quartz materials that last longer and deliver clean, flavorful vapor. The Source 10cig atomizer features a solid titanium alloy coil wrapped around an inert quartz rod that extracts the very best flavors and aromas from waxy oils with no combustion. Easy-to-load and easy-to-replace, the 10cig quartz atomizer belongs to one of the most compact, high performance, and affordable vaporizers on the market, the Source 10cig vape. Expect two weeks to a month of use per Source 10cig quartz atomizer.

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