"Sidekick" Dab Rig with Color Base and Mouthpiece

Color: Amethyst
Sale price$59.99


Holy miniature borosilicate water bubbler Batman! looks like someone has shrunk the bong! Don't fret as there are many positives to this classic style rig's petite frame. Easily concealable and transportable, a water pipe of this size makes a great travel companion and partner in fighting crime!

Crafted from quality borosilicate glass in California this rig features 3mm thick clear glass with green accents on the base and mouthpiece. The sturdy 14mm female dewars joint is reinforced to combat villainy and carries either a 14mm male angled top quartz banger nail, or 14mm male bowl for dry herbs. The little water whirling wizard uses a naturally aspirated fixed downstem perc to clean up the smoke of your favorite herbs ands concentrates, and a 3.5 wide base keeps our bent neck sidekick standing in the face of danger!

This piece from DankStop is hand blown, and stands around 6.5" in height.

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