Sense Herakles Ni200 Nickel Atomizers

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This 5 pack of specialized Ni200 Nickel Coil Heads from Sense allow you to use your Herakles Sub Ohm Tank with Electronic Mods that feature temperature control. Wrapped with pure Nickel wire, these 0.2Ω (15-50W) resistance coil heads allow for full temperature control with compatible units, resulting in a highly-advanced vaping experience. Easily replaceable, Sense's Herakles Nickel Coil Heads give you the type of performance you may have only thought possible with an RDA - without the fuss of wrapping your own coils and cotton. Note: These Ni200 Coil Heads are designed specifically for electronic mods with temperature control capability. DO NOT use these atomizers with any other type of device.

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