"Sabertooth Monster" Waterpipe

Color: Fumed
Sale price$118.00


"What big teeth you have!"

Not quite as hard to look at as Justin Long in "Tusk" and far more functional, The "Sabertooth Monster" mini bong is a simplistic style with an obvious artistic twist. Standing just five inches this little monster is perfect for both dry herb and concentrate smokers, and makes a great little tabletop or travel piece. A 45° female joint holds a 14mm male bowl used to smoke your dry herbs. Smoke travels down a fixxed glass stem into a showerhead perc in the water chamber where it is filtered for a clean smooth hit, just pucker up to the monsters forehead to find out! 

Ya know, for a Sabertooth Monster" these little dudes are pretty cute, I mean look at those dimples, big eyes, and chubby glass cheeks.


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