Robo Silicone Glass Water Pipe

Color: GID Green
Sale price$131.99


Waxmaid Robo silicone pipe is made of Platinum Cured Silicone material. It's certified “food safe” for culinary applications and the safety level goes above and beyond FDA approval standards.

Robo's flexible silicone body surrounds a thick glass water chamber that easily pops in and out for quick filling and cleaning without leaking out. The combination of silicone and glass design not only solves the problem of easily broken glass with water pipes but also makes the smoke volume visible in smoking rigs.

The mouth tube of the Waxmaid Robo water pipe is 360° rotatable, convenient to use from different angles. The downstem of the Waxmaid Robo water pipe comes with a strong magnet for collecting your lighter/dab tools. The suction base design prevents the water pipe from being knocked over.

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