Replacement Downstem by Nucleus

Size: 3.5
Color: Silver
Sale price$14.99


Lost or broken down-stem?  We’ve got you covered. We know how frustrating it can be when your favorite Nucleus glass piece is out of commission.  That’s why we offer the NUCLEUS Replacement Down-stem. Designed to fit almost all Nucleus products of the same size, this 4" 18mm to 14mm clear glass down-stem holds 14mm bowls in glass pieces with an 18mm joint.  Featuring small slits at the bottom of the down-stem to diffuse your smoke so you get a smoother inhale, this replacement piece will have you back up and running (actually, never run with glass in your hands) in no time at all.

  • Multiple Size Options: 3.5” or 4” Long
  • Joint Size: 18mm Male
  • Clear Glass Down-stem
  • Multiple Color Options (2)
  • Holds 14mm Male Bowls
  • Frosted Joint
  • Compatible with 18mm Female Water Pipes

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