Quartz Honey Bucket with Male Joint and Carb Cap

Joint Size: 14mm
Sale price$35.00


Concentrates and herbs - oh, the power of two! Made from high grade quartz, the Quartz Honey Bucket includes a custom-fit carb cap which ensures that no vapor escapes as you dab. It also includes a male joint in your choice of size (14mm or 18mm). The coolest thing about the Honey Bucket is that you get the best of both worlds. You can smoke your concentrates along with your favorite herbs, simultaneously! How you ask? Well that’s easy. First the herbs go in the bucket. It’s important to know that It’s built with a swinging arm which allows you to maneuver the dish in and out of the bucket. The key is to torch the quartz nail outside of the honey bucket (once you’ve loaded the bucket with your herbs), and once the nail is fully heated, swing the nail up and over into the bucket. After you’ve positioned the nail in the bucket, load up your concentrates, place the carb cap on top and dab away! As one of the most efficient ways to smoke your favorite herbs and concentrations, this is one essential smoking tool that you need in your tool belt - just in case.

  • Honey Bucket Quartz Dab Nail
  • Choice of Joint Size (14mm or 18mm)
  • Features Male Joint
  • Includes Carb Cap

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