Quartz Daisy Nail - Male

Joint Size: 14mm
Sale price$20.00


Watch as your (legal) waxy extracts melt right before your very eyes! This food-grade-quality quartz nail provides fast heating capabilities - allowing the nail to reach full temperature in a mere 5-10 seconds. A domeless male quartz nail slides seamlessly into your choice of 14mm or 18mm female water pipe, ultimately converting it into a dab rig. The frosted glass finish anchors the piece in place with the precise amount of friction, creating an airtight glass-on-glass seal. Petal-like slits evenly disperse clean, fresh vapor for smoothness mixed with crisp flavor of nothing-but-concentrate. Simple, yet effective!

  • Domeless Quartz Nail
  • Daisy Nail Dish Design
  • High Grade Quartz
  • Choice of Joint Size (14mm or 18mm)
  • Male Joint

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