Quartz Banger Nail by LavaTech

Size: 14mm
Gender: Female
Angle: 45°
Sale price$24.99


A classic design from a quality-driven brand. The LavaTech Quartz Banger Nail features a polished joint to match its sleek, clear glass body. The angled cut of the nail is a perfect fit for the ball-style carb cap which creates for optimal dabbing conditions (carb cap included). Banger nails happen to have many advantages over other nail styles. Seeing as they are far easier to clean and better at retaining consistent temperature than most other nails, Banger Nails have become a staple in the Dabber’s tool kit. With plenty of size, angle and gender options, this nail is the real deal!

  • High Quality Quartz Nail
  • Choice of Joint Size (10mm, 14mm or 18mm)
  • Choice of Joint Angle (45°or 90°)
  • Choice of Joint Gender (Male/Female)
  • Helps Extend The Life Of Your Rig
  • Includes Ball Style Carb Cap
  • Laser-Etched Logo
  • Clear Glass with Flame Polished Joint

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