Quartz 2-in-1 Sidearm Carb Cap and Dabber

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It’s time to dial your dabbing experience up a notch! Crafted from clean, high-grade quartz, the 2-in-1 Side Arm Carb Cap Dabber leaves zero trace of metallic. The high-quality quartz also does a masterful job of preserving the freshness and flavor of your legal waxy extracts and concentrates. How convenient! The ‘selfie-stick’ design is meant to be used as a handle, making it super easy to navigate and maneuver as you guide the dish to your next dab. The handle has been elongated to make sure that your hand is kept a safe distance away from the hot nail. You’ll also find a ventilation hole in the center of the carb cap to regulate airflow, ultimately cooling the vapor and creating for more flavor. The side arm silhouette is a unique take on the 2-in-1, as you’re usually required to flip the sticky tip the other way around to use the cap - but that’s not the case here. The simple design makes it super easy to use – simply tap the tip and plop the cap on! We think we know what you’re thinking … this is the perfect addition to your next session. C’mon, let’s add some excitement!

  • 2-In-1 Sidearm Carb Cap/Dabber
  • Dual Use
  • Made of Clear Quartz Glass
  • Pointed Tip Dabber
  • Ventilation Hole

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