Pyptek Pocket Pipe

Color: Blue
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ABOUT THE POCKET PIPE The Pyptek Pocket Pipe combines the flavor-saving capabilities of borosilicate glass, with the durability of aircraft-grade aluminum. To deliver the most enjoyable draws possible, the pipe’s inert glass airpath screws directly into the protective aluminum shell with a glass bowl, while a filter screen purifies your smoke. Measuring in at a modest four inches, the Pyptek Pocket Pipe is a fantastic addition to your stash box. AIRCRAFT-GRADE ALUMINUM To ensure durability and a cool surface during your sessions, Pyptek equipped the Pocket Pipe with an aluminum exoskeleton—delivering an enjoyable and worry-free smoking experience. Not only does this exoskeleton keep the inner glass safe, but it’s also easily detachable for cleaning or filter replacement. The ergonomic design of the Pyptek Pocket Pipe promotes a comfortable in-hand feel for on-the-go use. BOROSILICATE GLASS AIRPATH Understanding that flavor is a key component to experiencing dry herb, Pyptek outfitted the Pocket Pipe with a borosilicate glass core and bowl. Borosilicate glass is extremely thermal resistant and delivers the full flavor profile of your material. The pipe’s aircraft-grade aluminum exoskeleton displays your draws as they travel through the airpath. To help with dry herb budgeting, the Pyptek Pocket Pipe includes a Save-A-Bowl rubber band that acts as a chamber cap—so you can continue your session later. WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Borosilicate Glass Pipe Insert 1x Borosilicate Glass Bowl Insert 1x Anodized Aluminum Bowl Shell 1x Anodized Aluminum Pipe Shell 1x Save-A-Bowl Rubber Band 4x Filter Screen 4x Replacement Rubber O-Ring

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