Puffco Peak Vaporizer - Medusa Edition

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ABOUT THE PUFFCO PEAK MEDUSA EDITION The Puffco Peak vaporizer - Medusa Edition features a white silicone base, rose gold metal band, and filigrana twisted inner core. This vaporizer is equipped with four heat settings and an intelligent heat calibration to allow your material to reach its full potential. Flavor enthusiasts will appreciate the ceramic bowl and borosilicate glass airpath, which work in conjunction to keep draws smooth and free of outside flavors. FOUR PRESET TEMPERATURES The Puffco Peak - Medusa Edition is equipped with four preset temperatures: 450 °F (blue), 500 °F (green), 550 °F (red), and 600 °F (white). The lower temperatures are intended to elevate your flavor experience, while the higher settings are for users who want to produce thick clouds of vapor. A vibrant LED band will illuminate after 20 seconds when your temperature is reached; intelligent temperature calibration will automatically adjust heat time if your bowl is still hot, ensuring a consistent experience. MEDICAL-GRADE CERAMIC BOWL Puffco gave the Medusa Edition Peak a medical-grade ceramic bowl to extract more flavor from less of your material; the high-heat retention of ceramic means that the bowl stays at an ideal temperature between draws. The ceramic bowl is removable for an easy cleaning experience. WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Puffco Peak Vaporizer - Medusa Edition 1x Water Pipe Attachment 1x Carb Cap 1x Micro-USB Charger 1x Loading Tool 1x Carrying Case 1x Cleaning Swab 2x Ceramic Bowl

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