Polished Banger Nail with Opaque Cup Insert by LavaTech

Size: 10mm
Gender: Female
Angle: 45°
Sale price$29.99


This banger nail offers everything you’re looking for and even has a special added benefit – it’s super easy to clean!  This banger nail acts like a typical thermal banger except that the cup insert, which acts as the inner wall, is completely removeable, making it a breeze to keep clean, shiny and just like new. No more trying to get that cleaning device or pipe cleaner between the walls – just remove the insert, wash, and place back in your rig. The cup insert comes with a thick white base to help reduce fractures and keeps the heat in as well. With your choice of joint size, angle, and gender, you’ll find this nail to be a perfect fit for your dab rig.

  • Clear Glass Dab Nail
  • Choice of Joint Size (10, 14 or 18mm)
  • Choice of Joint Angle (45° or 90°)
  • Choice of Gender (Male or Female)
  • Banger Style
  • Thick White Base on Insert
  • Includes Puddle Pusher Carb Cap
  • Colored Glass Accent

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