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When you wake up, which one comes first - the wake-and-bake, or the morning coffee? Truth is, it doesn’t matter anymore! Thanks to Nucleus’s brilliant Pipe Mug, your mornings just got a hell of a lot easier. Just as the name implies, you get the best of both worlds, all in one cup! Made from high-quality glazed ceramic, this mug pipe is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Pack your favorite dry herbs into the front-facing bowl, pour your favorite blend of premium coffee, and light er’ up. Once your dry herbs are fully lit, you’ll see the smoke start to travel along the side walls of the mug, right up through the mouthpiece which is located at the top of the handle. Nucleus broke new ground with this design, as they knew that us smokers wouldn’t be all too pleased if our smoke was blended with our coffee. In the end, they successfully discovered a way to prevent this less than desirable scenario from happening. How, you ask? Well, by ensuring that the smoke travels only along the mug’s side-walls, the coffee and smoke are kept far apart from one another - problem solved. This mug also makes an amazing gift for your smoking, coffee-drinking friends! The best part of waking up…..is Nucleus’s Pipe Mug! [Milk and creamer not included]

  • Ceramic Pipe Mug
  • Dual Function: Coffee Mug and Hand Pipe
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • Separate Chambers for Herb and Coffee

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