"Phoebe" Water Pipe

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When you have great style, so should your water pipe – and when you need to be a bit deceptive about your smoking activities, your water pipe should follow suit!  If flowers are your thing, this piece will certainly become the highlight of your collection, and you’ll easily be able to do just that – highlight it! Its beautiful porcelain body is accented with worked porcelain floral accents to compliment the faux flowers that are included in this set.  You’ll even be surprised to know that the faux flowers have a very useful purpose as well – if you’ve used a water pipe before, you know that you’re always looking for something to use as a poker to scrape away used ash from the bowl and down-stem (use the pointed bottom-end of course)… When the pipe is not in use, you can easily remove the bowl by the attached handle – and when you see that the coast is clear, just slide the bowl right back into the rubber grommeted joint.  What a great gift it makes for those who love flora and fauna!

  • Size: 6” Tall
  • Porcelain Floral Design Bong
  • Faux Flower Poker with Rhinestones Included
  • Rubber Grommet Style Glass Joint
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • 45° Female Joint
  • Fixed Down-stem

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