Mini Jig Mini Rig by MJ Arsenal

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The Mini Jig Mini Recycler Rig is the latest innovation from MJ Arsenal.  Standing at only 6 inches tall, and built with a 2.5 inch base, this recycler is the dab-equivalent to MJ Arsenal's Cache Beaker Bong. Like the Cache, the Mini Jig features a built in glass jar with silicone cap.

  • Quartz bucket included
  • 10mm connection
  • Handcrafted 100% borosilicate glass


This piece has been designed for use with concentrates. Like with all MJ Arsenal glass, flavor and terpene profile preservation are a must. MJ arsenal mini rigs are famous for their ability to maximize the amount of terpenes you get out of your favorite concentrates.

The narrow tubing and small chambers ensure the absolute best flavor and terpene profiles are maintained throughout the duration of your dab sessions.

The affixed storage jar allows you to keep your oil close and terpenes fresh, wherever your day’s journey may take you. Included are filling directions to ensure you get the most out of these incredible glass-works of art. Read up, and enjoy!


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