Mantis Mechanical Pipe

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Mantis Mechanical Pipe

ATMAN Mantis, a portable mechanical metal smoking pipe for dry herb and tobacco on the go. It can be separated into 8 parts, and assembled back easily, easy to load and clean. With latest design, no ash dropping while smoking. It is a best choice pipe for you.


  1. Volume: 3.8ml, mega volume for dry herb and tobacco.
  2. Material: eco-friendly aluminum, very light and portable.
  3. Surfacing: Anodic hard oxide, top grade quality.
  4. Removable design: Integral removable,easy to assemble, easy to clean.
  5. Flexible mouthpiece design: help to clean and press out the ash from the pipe after smoke.
  6. Bottom cap: with honeycomb cap, help to light up the dry herb and clean the ash. while smoking, no ash dropping.
  7. Windows: from the 4 side windows on the pipe, you can see how the herb working on.
  8. Mouthpiece: flat mouthpiece, Ergonomic design.
  9. Invisible storage design: with an invisible storage design in the mouthpiece to storage smoke.

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