Magic-Flight UFO

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Magic-Flight UFOThis wooden lid made for any pint glass creates a portable water filtration device to use with your Magic-Flight Launch Box or Muad-DIb.How it WorksFirst, load your Launch Box or Muad-Dib. Then, simply put the UFO together by attaching the draw stem, acrylic straw and the 18” whip tubing to the lid, and attach your Launch Box or Muad-Dib to the other end of the whip. Draw from the acrylic mouthpiece and vapor will travel from your vaporizer into the glass creating a cooling experience for your vapor.MaintenanceYou will need to clean your tubing and acrylic stems with warm soapy water, or isopropyl alcohol as needed.What's in the BoxOne Bamboo Unnamed Filtration Object (4” diameter)One whip (18” length)One draw stem (4.5” length)InstructionsVelvet storage pouch

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