Jane West Spoon - Cobalt Blue

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Elegant angles and a solid yet lightweight build place the GRAV x Jane West Spoon in the league of extraordinary hand pipes. Made of cobalt blue borosilicate glass, this thermal resistant handheld piece delivers robust hits on-the-go or at home. Designed by Jane West and made by GRAV, The Spoon herb pipe is built for performance, portability, and style. HIGH GRADE GLASS PIPE Constructed using the highest quality glass out there, the Jane West x GRAV Spoon pipe is highly resistant to heat, allowing for smoother, more flavorful hits. The pure borosilicate glass will not crack or break easily, nor will it adulterate the natural flavors of dry herb. The Spoon by GRAV and Jane West is crafted to last--and look good doing it. A carb hole on the left of the bowl enables fuller hits. PRECISION DESIGN This unique handheld piece puts a sophisticated touch on all the familiar features of a spoon pipe. An ergonomic mouthpiece makes for easy, comfortable hits. A succinct bowl and stem keep things pocket-friendly for an on-the-go experience. The rounded bowl circulates hits to cool them down before inhalation. Those who want smooth, potent hits on-the-fly will appreciate what Jane West and GRAV offer. The Jane West x GRAV Spoon pipe is just 3.75" in length, making it the perfect companion for enjoying dry herb in a stealthy manner.

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