GRAV Gravitron - 11"

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The GRAV Gravitron - 11" perfects the highly potent rips of a gravity pipe with the first all-glass gravity smoking system. The outer base is designed to be filled with 8" of water. Once the 12mm funnel bowl is ignited, the inner bottle is slowly lifted (while holding the outer base down), pulling smoke into the inner bottle. Lowering the bottle back down into the outer base forces smoke through the 16mm downstem, which doubles as a mouthpiece when the bowl is removed. Get ready for the big, powerful rips of a DIY gravity water pipe with a much cleaner-tasting, flavorful profile. ALL-GLASS GRAVITY PIPE GRAV's namesake, the Gravitron, is the first ever all-glass gravity pipe, honing this classic technique down to a science that delivers seriously smooth and cool rips. The borosilicate glass is thermal-resistant, preventing the cracks and breakage associated with lesser materials. This inert glass also displays the best flavors while cooling hits down before inhalation. This clean and clear looking glass water pipe is efficient, durable, and easy-to-clean all at once. HOW THE GRAVITRON WORKS The GRAV Gravitron 11" delivers highly concentrated rips, much larger and more potent than a pipe or joint. Users can enjoy the potency of an entire bowl of dry herb in one go if they please. As you light the bowl and slowly lift the inner bottle out of the outer water base, a magical force sucks smoke from the bowl into the chamber. That same force pushes it out of the downstem as you lower. This simple but effective smoking system has been cherished by connoisseurs for years, and now it's been perfected in GRAV's flagship pipe, the Gravitron.

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