Glass Jars 50ml, 100mlm 250ml

Style: Decaled Cylinder "Tribal Print" 50ML
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Glass Jars 50ml, 100mlm 250ml

Store your herbs, spices, tea leaves, flower, food, & more in this unique work of art.  Our goal is to create collectible, mason-jar containers in the name of "functional art". This short & skinny mason jar features an earthy tan & leafy green design, one we call "Tribal Print". 

Because of their colorful, kiln-fired artwork, the decaled jars are an excellent choice for concealed storage! With this container, the contents are hidden within a decorative piece great for the coffee table or night stand.


  • Durable, kiln-fired glass
  • Odorless, airtight environment
  • Mechanical clasp and silicon gasket
  • Scratch-proof artwork
  • Complementary, kiln-fired lid

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