GHOST MV1 Cleaning Kit

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ABOUT THE GHOST MV1 CLEANING KIT GHOST® introduced the MV1 Cleaning Kit to provide you with everything you need to keep your MV1 vaporizer running smoothly. Residue can negatively impact the flavor and performance of your vaporizer, and that’s why the handy Cleaning Kit contains three picks, three isopropyl alcohol wipes, and three cotton buds. GHOST knows that with the right maintenance tools, you won't have to deep clean your MV1 as often—allowing you to enjoy smooth draws and an elite vape experience. HOW TO USE THE GHOST MV1 CLEANING KIT The unparalleled experience of the GHOST MV1 vape extends to its remarkably easy cleaning process. To clean your MV1 with the Cleaning Kit, simply use the picks to poke-out debris found in the lid and crucible holes. You can use the included isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean concentrate or dirt off of your vaporizer. The kit also includes cotton buds that allow you to get into the grooves of the heat sink and other tight spaces—ensuring no residue or buildup is left behind. WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x GHOST MV1 Cleaning Kit 3x Pick 3x Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe 3x Cotton Bud

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