Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller

Style: Swirl
Sale price$13.99


The Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller was designed with a very unique shape in mind – one which is not only beautiful, but functional too. It’s prism shape keeps its center of gravity evenly distributed, preventing it from falling over easily when resting on its side. The bowl is located at the end of the pipe along with a front-facing carb hole. This piece was blown with a pink glass foundation and outfitted with fumed glass tubing to give it a subtle yellow tint. While it might be subtle, when light shines through the body of the steamroller itself, it’s nothing other than mesmerizing. As you use this piece more and more over time, its colors begin to mesh together and change! This hand pipe comes in two different styles. One style features embossed bubbles lining the sides and perimeter. The other style is outfitted with a green coil-like swirl which flows throughout the pipe’s interior. No matter which style you choose, the quality is incomparable, and the hits will be gargantuan

  • Hand Pipe
  • Flat Side Feature
  • Portable Size
  • Multiple Style Options
  • Front-Facing Carb Hole
  • Fumed/Colored Glass

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