Freeze Pipe E-Nail

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The Freeze Pipe E-Nail is a portable vaporizer that delivers mouthwatering dabs in seconds. This E-Nail quickly heats an internal quartz chamber between 200 - 750 degrees and adjusts to fit 14mm and 18mm bowls. Rest assured it fits all Freeze Pipe bongs and recyclers. Featuring a built-in safety shutoff, this E-Nail automatically turns off after 60 seconds once the desired temperature is reached. No more blow torches, stopwatches, or exposed heating elements and wires. Go electronic with your dabs for a safer, quicker, and tastier concentrate experience.


  • Fits any piece with an 18 or 14 mm joint

  • Temperature can be set from 200-750°F

  • Internal quartz dish; the best possible material for a dabbing surface 

  • LED screen shows you the exact temperature, time left before cooldown, and battery life 

  • A flip-top chamber allows you to safely and easily insert wax without burning yourself 

  • Lightweight and portable; fits in the palm of your hand

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