Flat Mouth Rasta Swirl Spoon Pipe

Color: Black
Sale price$14.99


Do you fancy yourself an art connoisseur? If that’s a “yes”, this spoon pipe is for you! This beauty is made with fumed glass and is available in 4 different colors. A mesmerizing swirl design runs from end to end, surrounding a Rasta-colored stripe at the pipe’s center. The flat mouthpiece is designed to allow for the hand pipe to rest comfortably on a table without tipping over; and the deep bowl gives you the option of extra-large packs or smaller packs for those more casual sessions. We know how easy it is to unintentionally burn through your entire bowl pack before you even realize you’ve done it. But don’t worry because we are always looking out for you! The design of our crafty side carb allows for an evenly burning cherry (flame) which ultimately conserves your herb - allowing your bowl-pack to last a bit longer. Its portable size, sturdy construction, and colored glass make this one an easy choice!

  • Size: 3.5" 
  • Clear/Colored Fumed Glass
  • Multiple Color Options (4)
  • Side Carb Hole
  • Deep Bowl

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