Female to Male Drop Down Reclaim Catcher by LavaTech

Joint Angle: 45°
Sale price$24.99


Have you noticed that most dab rigs are male jointed? That’s why this LAVATECH Female to Male Drop Down Reclaim Catcher fits male jointed rigs while being able to use your female jointed dab nails. More distance between your dab nail and dab rig makes for a more comfortable dabbing experience and can even reduce the chance of heat fractures in your rig. LavaTech has thought of everything when they included keck clips to hold the dropdown to your rig and the reclaim catcher to the rest of the dropdown. Just dab away, then use the fallen residue collected in the jar. Before you order, remember to choose the right joint angle for your water pipe.

  • Size: 4”
  • Clear Glass Reclaim Catcher
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Choice of Joint Angle (45° or 90°)
  • Keck Clips Included
  • Polished Joint

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