Female Quartz Daisy Nail

Joint Size: 18mm
Sale price$20.00


Made from high-grade quartz, this female-jointed, domeless quartz nail nurtures your concentrates to maximize its peak performance. The Daisy Nail fits virtually all standard male joints and is available in both 14mm and 18mm. These nails wouldn’t be authentic GlassToyz without the deep dish! At the very center, the Daisy Nail’s dish sits deep to accommodate a generous portion of legal waxy extracts. You can easily maneuver it from any angle, all while eliminating two extra steps - steps which a domed nail would otherwise require. This nail is a time and energy saver!

  • Daisy Dish Design Quartz Nail
  • Female Joint
  • Choice of Joint Size (14mm or 18mm)
  • Domeless

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