Fat bottom

Size: 18mm
Type: Male
Sale price$30.95


Bringing the best value in the dabbing game is the Fat Bottom. The bottom of this piece is sporting some serious thickness. And with an outer diameter of 25mm, it’s obvious how it fits some monster dabs in it.

The thickness on this quartz banger is an impressive 2mm, too, ensuring a quality piece of glass that will withstand the heat. And with a massive 4mm base thickness, the durability goes beyond what any dabber could believe.

Aesthetically speaking, the Fat Bottom incorporates a 90° frosted joint as well. These also come in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. And you’ll be able to choose from a male or female connection, making it so that the Fat Bottom will fit your favorite rig without a problem. Needless to say, you’ll love this thick piece.

And for slapping on some massive dabs, try the  Titanium Bent Pencil for size. These are super dope and perfect for scraping the last of your concentrate.

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