Dropdown Adapter

Size: 18mm Male to 18mm Male
Sale price$9.99


This dropdown adapter will be your saving grace when you want to change the joint location as well as its size to use with your rig or bong. Made of clear glass, this z-shape converter has a 1.5" drop to convert your joints so that you'll be able to use just about any nail or bowl you want with your favorite glass piece. With every joint size available you’ll be able to convert any standard bong. The drop-down design lets you bring the joint with the nail or bowl to be positioned further away from the main body for a more comfortable, and cooler smoking experience. This converter is a great adapter to have on hand so you can customize your dabbing event every time.

  • Size: 4” Long
  • 16 Joint Options: (10/14/18 mm, Male to Male, Male to Female, Female to Female, Female to Male)
  • Drop Down Adapter
  • Clear Glass Construction
  • Z-Shape Style

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