Dr. Dabber SWITCH Smooth Ceramic Induction Cup

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DR. DABBER SWITCH SMOOTH CERAMIC INDUCTION CUP The Dr. Dabber SWITCH Smooth Ceramic Induction Cup extracts the most of your concentrate or dry herb’s flavor. This is an upgrade to Dr. Dabber’s Standard Ceramic Cup, with this version now featuring a much thicker ceramic material. The new ceramic induction cup retains heat for a longer duration, which ensures even heat distribution and exceptionally flavorful draws. The induction heating of the SWITCH also guarantees a rapid heat-up time. Although it works best when vaping concentrates, the Smooth Ceramic Cup can also effectively vape dry herb on low heat settings. This is an original equipment manufacturer product that’s designed to be used with the Dr. Dabber SWITCH vaporizer. WHAT'S IN THE BOX1x Dr. Dabber SWITCH Smooth Ceramic Induction Cup 1x Titanium Induction Cup High-Grade Ceramic Titanium Induction Cup Housing High-Heat Retention OEM Product See MoreSee Less

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