Diamond Knot Domeless Nail

Size: 16mm
Joint Gender: Female
Sale price$25.00


What can you expect from the Diamond Knot Nail? Well it’s simple - a flawless quartz glass construction as your entrée and a consistently pure, clean delivery (while preserving the natural flavors of your favorite legal waxy extracts) for dessert. This polished quartz piece is fortified with high-grade quartz glass and it’s equipped to endure even the most intensive torch-flame temperatures. Thick and durable, this nail has multiple "knots" or "fins" which help with flavor preservation and heat retention - so you can rest assured that no concentrate will ever go to waste. This dab nail comes in both male and female genders, along with multiple size tops depending on how much concentrate you’re in the mood for at the time. Get the most out of a quartz nail that’ll stand the test of time - after all, diamonds are forever!

  • Clear Quartz Nail
  • 100% polished quartz
  • Choice of Joint Size (16mm or 20mm)
  • Choice of Joint Gender (Male/Female)

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