Clipper by Hemplights

Color: Black
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Have you tried lighting your favorite smoking devices with Hempwick instead of a butane lighter? Believe it or not, Hempwick is commonly used as an all-natural alternative to butane for lighting fine cigars, cigarettes, medicinal herbs and pipes! Unlike butane gas lighters, Hempwick doesn’t alter the taste of your smoke, and more importantly, it prevents the inhalation of toxic butane gas and chemicals common with most lighters today.

Either way, this is the ultimate smoking accessory for those who smoke smart! Hemplights’s patented design features a mechanism which allows the smoker to slide the Hempwick through a fastener, and (securely) set the tip of the wick in place just off center from where the flame appears. The cool thing about the Clipper is that you can use any Clipper lighter with it. It’s very easy to use and it makes a world of difference compared to the days of having juggle your Hempwick, lighter, and smoking apparatus. This must have accessory comes complete with 4 feet of pre-wrapped organic hemp and is available in your choice of 4 colors. It’s time to make your life easier with this all-in-one solution - and it’s time to smoke smart!

  • Lighter Accessory
  • Multiple Color Options (4)
  • Hemp Wick Included
  • Fits Standard Clipper Lighter
  • Made in the USA

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