CCELL 510 Tank by The Kind Pen

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Well known for their high caliber design work, unmatched quality and their careful attention to detail, The Kind Pen has successfully developed the single best Tank/Atomizer cartridge on the market today. Their CCELL™ M6 series utilizes a porous ceramic core instead of the traditional wick and coil design. The result – nothing but superior vape performance with high viscosity extracts, leaving you with a clean taste and amplified flavor. But the best part of all has to be the CC 510 Tank’s reputation for having the lowest failure and leak rates across the industry. Since the CCell prevents burning and clogging, you’ll never have to worry about being rudely interrupted while you vape again!

The secret lies in their patented cell technology. Designed with a polycarbonate tank and glass tubing to house your concentrates, The Kind Pen’s cell-tech was built to perfection. The tank itself features a dual seal design which fits any 510-thread battery, and it comes complete with a choice of removable, clear or ceramic mouthpiece. If you’re looking for that perfect Tank/Atomizer cartridge - you’ve just found it. Enjoy!

  • Vaporizer Accessory
  • Patented Cell Technology
  • Body Constructed with Stainless steel
  • Polycarbonate p tanker
  • 2.0 mm holes (For use with thicker oils)
  • Choice Of Removable Mouthpiece (Clear or Ceramic)
  • Rubber Bottom Protector
  • Compatible with all ego and 510 thread batteries

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