Bubble Style Carb Cap

Color: Clear
Sale price$12.00


This Bubble Style Carb Cap was designed to be compatible with all types of bangers. The universal, spherical carb cap fits seamlessly on top of your dome or banger - ensuring that no vapor escapes through any open spaces; because there are none! This Bubble Style Carb Cap has vents located at each end for easy positioning and precise angling. Simply use the end as a handle to tilt the piece and position it at the angle you prefer. Although this durable colored glass accessory is compatible with virtually all nails, it happens to work best with thermal bangers. But don’t you worry, you won’t be disappointed either way!

  • Size: 2” Tall
  • Clear Glass Carb Cap
  • Multiple Color Options (7)
  • Fit for Thermal Banger Nail & Other Nails

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