Blo Glass Classic Hit Water Pipe

Color: Green
Sale price$61.99


 Have you been looking around Amazon or your favorite headshop with no luck? It may be hard to find reasonably priced borosilicate glass pipes like ours as we're notoriously popular among discriminating smokers everywhere. You'll want one in each hand because once you start using ours, there will be no going back!

Own a classic water pipe this season and enjoy BLO's Glass quality all day, every day. We've got the best of the best when it comes to high-quality glass pipes for sale online. We want you to appreciate not only our classically designed pieces but also their durability so that they last a lifetime for you and future generations!

Built with user experience in mind, using high quality borosilicate glass. You will discover a whole new level of durability that will make those clumsy hands a non-issue going forward. 


  • 12" in Tall 
  • Jelly Fish or Snake Percolator Filter 
  • Straight Tube w/ Ice Catcher 
  • 14 mm Glass Bowls 


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