Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery with Charger

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The Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery is compatible with 510-threaded oil cartridges, allowing you to vape liquid concentrates on-the-go. With a simple single-button control, the Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery features four voltage settings, and a unique pre-heat setting that preps the vape for thicker oils. Five clicks powers the Auto Draw Vape Battery on, three clicks toggles voltage, and two clicks initiates the pre-heat setting. This unit comes with a charger so you can power up from anywhere where a USB outlet is available. The USB charger attaches via 510-threading. VARIABLE VOLTAGE VAPE BATTERY Unlike other vape batteries, the Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery allows you to toggle temperature. This gives you more control over your vapor profiles, and allows you to choose the temp that's best for the oil concentrate of your choice. Switching temperatures is as simple as clicking the tip of the battery, which enables you to take quick hits on-the-fly. The Variable Voltage Auto Draw Battery is perfect for those on a budget who want to enjoy liquid concentrates on-the-go. Blue: 3.5v Green: 3.7v Yellow: 3.9v Red 4.1v STEALTHY DESIGN The Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery is super compact, much thinner and shorter than the average vape pen. This ensures a discreet, portable vaping experience. The unit is pocket-friendly, enabling you to carry it with you anywhere without hassle. It's also compact enough to be hidden in your hand when vaping. For those who vape on their feet, this unit provides a fast, stealthy way to consume oil concentrates without drawing attention to your session.

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