Alcohol and Salt Cleaning Combo by Nucleus

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You regularly enjoy your glass pieces, and now it’s time for them to look like new once again! With the NUCLEUS Alcohol and Salt Cleaning Combo, you get everything you’ll need to keep your favorites sparkling bright.  This combo kit comes with both the "IPA Clear" 99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol and the "NaCl" Rock Salt. Pour some of the rock salt in your piece, add the isopropyl alcohol, plug the openings and shake away. Give a quick cool water rinse and you are ready to use your like-new glass favorites again.  Of course, you can purchase these 2 must have cleaning items separately, but this combo kit will save you a few bucks.

  • Bong and Glass Cleaner
  • 16 Fl oz Each
  • Made In The USA

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