8" Grav Labs Android Flare Stemless Water Pipe

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8" GRAV LABS ANDROID FLARE STEMLESS WATER PIPE This super-unique 8" Grav Labs Android Flare Stemless Water Pipe is a dual purpose powerhouse. The Android has two personalities, this is really two water pipes in one. The concentrate side was designed with a 14mm quartz nail, the other side is for flower. With two separate chamber and two mouthpeices, two people can rip the Android at the same time! HOW IT WORKS For flowers, grind your material and fill the 14mm ground glass bowl with enough for one session. Apply flame to the bowl as you draw; when you've nearly had your fill, pull the bowl out to clear the chamber. For concentrates, load up your dabber and then heat the quartz nail. Once heated, apply the concentrates inside the nail dish as you draw. Be sure to avoid the center hole, and place the concentrate into the dish instead. Don't remove the nail after you're done with your draw, it will extremely hot. MAINTENANCE All Grav Labs glass can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

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