510 Thread Variable Voltage Battery

Color: Gun Metal
Sale price$19.99


The Kind Pen knows...they know that no two vapers are alike - especially when it comes to vaping temperatures. Different people prefer to vape at different temperatures; and if you’re someone who loves to have control over your vape temperature settings, welcome home! You’ll be pleased to know that the 510 Thread Variable Voltage Battery does exactly that! 

Choose between three predetermined voltage settings: low-temp, medium-temp, and high-temp. The 510 Thread Variable Voltage Battery features LED lighting, a 350mAh temperature control, and last but not least, a 5-click on/off safety control feature. It comes complete with a custom Kind Pen USB charger, and as you might have already guessed, it fits virtually any 510-thread cartridge. Durable, sleek, and super easy to use. Simplify your life with the Kind Pen’s Variable Voltage Battery!

  • Analog Vape Kit/Battery
  • Multiple Color Options (2)
  • USB Charger Included
  • Fits 510 Thread Cartridges
  • 350mAh Temp Control Battery
  • Variable Voltage
  • On/Off Safety Feature

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