4.3" Spoon Pipe

Color: Black & White
Sale price$49.99


This beautiful glass line features the iconic pop art of Keith Haring, in more ways than simply applying his most well know imagery to unspecific glass pieces. Much like the New York based artist did when he opened his "Pop Shop", The K.Haring glass line puts culture defining artwork into the hands of anyone who wishes to appreciate it, this time in the form of high quality borosilicate glass. Each piece in the K.Haring line is packaged in a durable box with foam inserts. The thick outer walls of the box are adorned with matching artwork and Haring's signature.

The K.Haring Spoon Pipe is a sleek new take on a classic design. This this well balanced hammer pipe is 4.5" in length with a flared mouthpiece, and the modern curvature and flat base of the main chamber make it a perfect fit in hand or on a smooth surface. The entire base features Keith Haring's artwork with a matching pattern and signature on the neck.

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