14mm/18mm Universal Domeless Titanium Nail with Quartz Dish

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This nail is a dabber's dream nail. Universally sized to fit all 14mm and 18mm joints, it’s compatible with both female and male joints. Its uniqueness and versatility is what makes this dab nail a necessity for the daily dabber. 

Why a titanium? Titanium nails contain strong heating elements which make them some of the most durable dab nails on the market. Unlike glass and ceramic nails, titanium nails won’t crack on impact, nor will they shatter when heated improperly. The body of the titanium nail has been fused with the quartz dish, giving you the best of both worlds. Since the clear quartz dish allows you to more easily see your concentrates and oils mid-dab, you can now channel all your focus into taking a perfect dab. Its intuitive design makes it very easy to clean, and to alternate between different joint genders. So no matter which water pipe you have, this titanium nail will leave you with an awesome dabbing experience every time!

  • Titanium Nail with Quartz Dish
  • Fits Multiple Joint Sizes (14mm or 18mm)
  • Fits Multiple Joint Angles (45°or 90°)
  • Fits Multiple Joint Genders (Male/Female)

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