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Big Buddy Refillable Torch by Blazer Big Buddy Refillable Torch by Blazer
$35.99 $39.99
The Big Buddy features a very powerful 2500º turbo flame and up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time, all in a light weight portable design. The Big Buddy provides all the power and dependability,...
Big Shot Refillable Torch GT 8000 by Blazer Big Shot Refillable Torch GT 8000 by Blazer
$80.99 $89.99
The powerful, portable Anti-Flare butane refillable torch. The Big Shot features a strong and sturdy brass flame nozzle, detachable base and precision flame control. Turn it upside down without worrying about flame blow-out. Piezo crystal...
Blazer Big Shot Torch by Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch by Higher Standards
$84.99 $90.00
Higher Standards has teamed up with Blazer, the purveyor of the legendary Big Shot Torch. Precisely engineered in Japan, The Big Shot Torch is a pinnacle of craftsmanship and reliability. This portable anti-flare butane torch...
7" Butane Cigar Torch 7" Butane Cigar Torch
$29.99 $35.00
Newport Triple Jet Torch Newport Triple Jet Torch
$39.99 $44.99
Triple Jet cigar torch by Newport Butane. These torches have super solid build that feels amazing in your hand. Newport Butane is one of the leading manufacturers of butane torches and accessories. This torch is...
Butane Torch Butane Torch
The Torch - a vital component of any “Dab Setup” because without it, your dab session wouldn’t be possible! The Nucleus Butane Torch is perfect for water pipes, dab rigs, and virtually any other piece...
"Ember" Jet Flame Torch "Ember" Jet Flame Torch
LavaTech is making waves in the dabbing market these days with their wide selection of dab accessories, nails, and dab tools. The "Ember" Jet Flame Torch is easy to use, so you can get your...
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