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The G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter is a factory OEM part for the G Pen Connect Vaporizer. The glass adapter fits directly into the bottom of the G Pen Connect and into your desired 10mm,...
Dankstop Maria Ring Glass Bowl Dankstop Maria Ring Glass Bowl
$9.99 $15.00
Air takes out the freshness…so EVAK takes out the air. Keep your aromatic blends and other materials in their freshest state possible with Evak. SIZES: Mini - 6oz Compact - 16oz Medium - 24oz Large...
Dual-textured and durable, Higher Standards Dot Wipes are pre-soaked alcohol pads embedded with small dots to tackle stubborn scrubbing jobs for pipes, rigs, and vaporizers at home or on-the-go. Designed to cut through the most...
7" Butane Cigar Torch 7" Butane Cigar Torch
$29.99 $35.00
Dankstop "Smoke Me" Alice Pin Dankstop "Smoke Me" Alice Pin
$13.99 $15.99
Argo Glass Tube by Arizer
$8.99 $9.99
The Arizer ArGo Glass Tube is an original equipment manufacturer accessory made specifically for the Arizer ArGo Vaporizer. This borosilicate glass tube helps cool your vapor by extending the vapor path from the device to...
Air II USB Charger / Power Adapter by Arizer
$28.99 $29.99
Charge your Arizer Air II from the wall, or your computer! For use with the Arizer Air II   WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1 x Arizer Air II USB Charger / Power Adapter
Pre-Roll Wooden Holder by Marley Natural Pre-Roll Wooden Holder by Marley Natural
$29.99 $30.00
The Marley Natural Holder for Taster or Pre-Roll conveniently fits in your pocket and is designed to minimize odor while protecting your pre-roll from damage. The exterior is crafted from beautiful and reliable heartwood. This...
Why hold on to dirty, gunked up pokers when your ashtray has one built in? Perfect for ashing out even the most clogged up bowls, the Debowler allows you to to take the mess out of your session...
Filter tips can really improve your roll and overall smoking experience. Glass tips helps whatever you're rolling to keep it's cylinder shape. Glass Filter Tips from Marley Natural are made with sturdy glass and have shallow...
If you love the Hemplights Spooly, but prefer a full sized lighter, the Wrapper is the accessory for you! Load up your favorite full-sized Bic lighter and you're ready to go. If you’ve never tried...
RAW rolling paper cones are pre-rolled for you with the same unbleached, natural paper you'd expect from RAW rolling papers. RAW Cones are often out of stock and very hard to come by. Here’s the...
Designed in the USA, the Higher Standards Premium Crystal Ashtray sports a modern and cutting-edge aesthetic that will truly take your sessions to the next level. This genuine, heavy-duty crystal ashtray is constructed for use...
As a kid, it was very likely that you used training wheels while you were learning how to ride your bike. While you didn’t know it then, the concept of training wheels is actually synonymous...
Otto Mill & Fill Smart Herb and Spice Grinder by Banana Bros. Otto Mill & Fill Smart Herb and Spice Grinder by Banana Bros.
$119.99 $129.99
Sleek and ergonomic, the OTTO™ by banana bros.™ is the world’s first automatic smart rolling machine. This sleekly designed all-in-one device is able to grind and pack 20-30 joints per charge, automatically and evenly filling...
It's just like The Happy Kit, but mini. Whether you're on the run or on the slopes the Happy Kit Mini Is perfect for you! This is a virtually smell proof smoke stash kit!    INCLUDES:...
Love smoking but hate inhaling butane? If you haven’t tried a hemp dispenser accessory, you can’t even imagine what you’re missing. Believe it or not, Hempwick is commonly used as an all-natural alternative to butane...
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