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Air Aroma Tube w/ Mouthpiece by Arizer
$10.49 $11.49
Durable Borosilicate glass keeps your flavor transfer on point while the integrated glass screen keeps your flowers in the oven. Designed For Arizer Air 70mm glass Mouthpiece Built-In Glass Screen OEM Arizer Product
Air Aroma Tube (All Glass) by Arizer
$8.99 $9.99
This is a 70mm glass mouthpiece stem for the Arizer Air, with a built-in glass screen. Designed For Arizer Air Durable Borosilicate Glass Built-In Glass Screen OEM Arizer Product
Xs Go Magnetic Mouthpiece by AirVape
$8.99 $9.99
The AirVape Xs GO Magnetic Mouthpiece is equipped with a durable replacement screen and ceramic airflow box that lets your material’s flavor flourish. The Magnetic Mouthpiece is an original equipment manufacturer product that’s designed exclusively...
X Magnetic Lid w/ Mouthpiece by AirVape X Magnetic Lid w/ Mouthpiece by AirVape
$21.99 $23.99
This is the replacement AirVape X Magnetic Lid fully equipped with a mouthpiece, screen, airflow box, and lid. Magnetic Connection Ceramic Mouthpiece Ceramic Airflow Box Replacement Screen Cooling Technology Filters Vapor
X Mouthpiece by AirVape X Mouthpiece by AirVape
$13.49 $14.99
The AirVape X Replacement Mouthpiece delivers smoother, cooler vapor. The mouthpiece is made of high grade ceramic that stays cool and preserves the best flavors. A ceramic airflow box ensures a free-flowing draw while cooling...
Clear CCELL 510 Tank Clear CCELL 510 Tank
Well known for their high caliber design work, unmatched quality and their careful attention to detail, The Kind Pen has successfully developed the single best Tank/Atomizer cartridge on the market today. Their CCELL™ M6 series...
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