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These dope little 3.5" long glass hand pipes are the super coolest things to hit the Smokerolla Shop since we unleashed our fresh squid pipe collections years ago! Rumor has it that they are made from...
empire glassworks small penis pipe empire glassworks small penis pipe
As they say, size isn't everything. Just like Empire Glassworks’s Large Penis Pipe did, their Small Penis Pipe (aka SPP) gets the job done. They also say that great things come in small ‘packages’, and...
Just another food-styled pipe, courtesy of Empire Glass. They always create perfect replicas, and this is no exception!  
hook line and sinker heady dab rig hook line and sinker heady dab rig
$1,279.99 $1,299.00
Fishing for a new dab rig to add to your glass collection? Say no more because this one-of-a-kind heady water pipe collaboration (Zink x Munkey) is god-like. This fishing-themed water pipe features a worked glass...
Goblin Heady Dab Rig w/ Horn Accents by Zink There is nothing as random as Zink's heady goblin-themed dab rig. This water pipe's chamber features a demonic goblin head which also happens to be this...
Which do you like better, savory or sweet? If you didn't say sweet, you're going to hate this beautifully crafted, unique conversation piece by Empire Glassworks. Made with high quality borosilicate glass, this mouth-watering glass...
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