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Grav Sip Series Slush Cup Grav Sip Series Slush Cup
$89.99 $95.99
Grav Labs has done it again. Inspired by the Ice / Slushie / Slurpee cup, this rig is sure to give you brain freeze. Known for allowing nearly zero splash back, this piece has been...
Grav Labs Drop Mat
Grav labs Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler Grav labs Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler
$269.99 $299.99
When it comes to pipe design, structural integrity and foundation are most important.  The Arcline series from GRAV is made to weather frequent use for even the most avid smokers. It's beautiful and unique design...
This is the mini 5" steamroller from Grav Labs. This glass hand pipe is hand blown from 19mm clear tubing. Features feet for a sturdy stand, built-in ashcatcher to keep your mouth ash free, and...
Upright Bubbler with Showerhead Downstem Upright Bubbler with Showerhead Downstem
This Bubbler is built to be the economy class go-to table top piece from Grav Labs. Following the same form as the two smaller bubbler designs, this pipe has a fixed downstem that has four...
Grav Sherlock Pipe in White Grav Sherlock Pipe in White
The Grav Labs 6" Sherlock are the new standard in hand held smoking pipes. Made on heavy wall glass, they are extremely durable, built for travel and feature Grav Labs inverted cone ash catcher mouthpiece....
upline bong by grav labs upline bong by grav labs
O.G. Upline Water Pipe 
Grav Upright Bubbler in Black Grav Upright Bubbler in Black
Portable pocket/table bubbler featuring a push bowl, diffused downstem, and the 45 degree angled flute with flared foot base. Height: 7" Pack of 5 44mm Glass 14mm Joint Clear or Black
These 4 inch Sherlocks, presented by Grav Labs, come in a variety of colors. Unlike some other manufacturers, Grav Labs does not cut corners in production to lower their costs and so you can rest...
Jane West Steamroller by GRAV Labs
Don’t let the fun-size fool you, The Steamroller will deliver huge tokes. This pipe is decked out with a bowl and holes on both ends: one hole operates as the mouthpiece, while the hole closer...
Jane West Spoon Pipe by GRAV Labs
Crafted with delicate angles and designed for comfort, The Spoon is where convenience and luxury meet. Sleek and modern, this handheld piece is what can be described as one-size-fits-all. Conveniently sized for all occasions, The...
Jane West Onesie Taster by GRAV Labs
The Taster is Jane West’s signature one-hitter. Ideal for getting a quick taste of your preferred material, this piece is travel-size and fits easily into your pocket, clutch or handbag. A one-piece tube made of...
Jane West Bubbler by GRAV Labs
Easy and convenient to smoke, The Bubbler provides the same smooth water filtration you’d get in a beaker or rig, but is sleek in size and lightweight. With a stunning silhouette and sexy curves, The...
3" Helix™ Chillum made on 19mm tubing with taster head, colored roll stop, Venturi chamber mouthpiece, and air filtration to cool and spin smoke. FEATURES Borosilicate Glass
Gravity Bong by GRAV Labs Gravity Bong by GRAV Labs
The GRAV Gravitron - 11" perfects the highly potent rips of a gravity bong with the first all-glass gravity smoking system. The outer base is designed to be filled with 8" of water. FEATURES 11"...
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