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9" In Height Includes Reactor Banger & Carb Cap Triple Bead On The Side Assorted Colors (Pink, Green & Blue) Clear Bubbler / Round Base
Atlas Mini Rig by MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig by MJ Arsenal
$49.99 $55.00
The pocket-sized yet powerful MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig™ features a magical double-ball chamber that delivers smooth, flavorful rips. The spherical design offers maximum water filtration while keeping water inside the chamber and out of...
The MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Rig™ is a mini version of the traditional "fab-egg" rig. Palm-sized with big power, the Royale combines classic percolation with a miniature design to deliver smooth, flavor-rich hits on the...
Infinity Mini Rig by MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig by MJ Arsenal
$59.99 $64.00
The MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig™ started out as an experimental, staff-favorite design and ended up becoming one of the most striking and effective concentrate rigs on the market. Handcrafted from durable borosilicate glass, this...
The Straight Buoy Base Dab Rig features thick scientific-grade clear boro glass, a removable 18-to-14mm diffuser down stem with recessed 14mm F ground joint, a 3-pinch ice catch, straight tube neck with a rolled mouthpiece, and a durable...
An elegant exosphere Faberge egg style dab rig for those looking for a scientific glass piece for their next dab sesh. This fab egg mini rig is perfect for savoring the true flavor of your concentrate's...
The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig is engineered specifically for the water filtration of concentrates. This durable, medical-grade borosilicate glass rig has been handcrafted for powerful, reliable performance, and features a quartz banger for optimal...
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